Friday, February 17, 2012

From GEM/Real Reform Studios: Outside the PEP – Electeds Slam Bloomberg Ed Failures

Another great film from GEM's Real Reform Studios pre-PEP before the Feb. 9 meeting at the UFT rally at Fort Greene Park where numerous elected officials, most of them from the communities under assault by the Bloomberg privatization machine slam his failed school leadership. Another great job by DM at RRS.

WalBloom's Worst Nightmare

Check out this news from Chicago TU (Where would the UFT stand if parents occupy a school in NYC slated for closure?)
CTU supports Piccolo Parents in their Occupation of their Neighborhood School #takebackourschools
Occupy Chicago Stands with Parents, Teachers & the CTU | Occupy Chicago

Breaking News! Piccolo parents defend their school, children and teachers, protest “Turnaround”

This afternoon Piccolo Elementary parents held a Press Conference to defend their school. They announced that they will occupy Piccolo to protest the Board of Education’s plans. The Board plans to vote on Wednesday to turnaround Piccolo and hand over management of the school to AUSL, Academy for Urban School Leadership, a privately connected firm with ties to City Hall. For the time being, you can follow what's happening on Occupy Chicago'sUStream account.
“For months now, Piccolo parents have wanted their voices heard, but the mayor, CPS and members of the Board have given them a deaf ear,” said CTU President Karen GJ Lewis. “Tonight these courageous parents have decided to dramatize their efforts to save their school by engaging in non-violent protest. We stand in solidarity with them, as well as the thousands of parents and community leaders from other targeted communities, in our ongoing education justice fight. We call on CPS to invest in our under-resourced neighborhood schools and halt its plans to turn them over to AUSL or shut them down all together.”
To support the parents of Piccolo, go to Piccolo School, 1040 N. Keeler. Bring friends, food, blankets, and water. Support Our Schools, Don’t Close Them!
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Click here to watch a video from the press conference.

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  1. Best video that I have seen in regard to Bloomberg and what has become of the NYC education system-Bravo! to those who made it-send him a copy!


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