Monday, February 6, 2012

Hedge Hog/Charter School Board Member Boykin Curry Unhappy About Parent Complaint About Upstairs/Downstairs Forced Marching

Curry, Celerie and Rice
A new term enters the charter school punishment lexicon:  "enforced exercise."

A charter school parent complains to the entire charter board regarding forced stair climbing, which she characterized, along with demerits for burping and refusal to let students use the bathroom, as corporal punishment in an email to her charter school's board.

How dare she?
Board member and hedge hog edu-deformer Boykin Curry complains: How dare a parent email the board members?
It is absurd to characterize enforced exercise as corporal punishment and I would not indulge charges like that - It seems highly inappropriate for parents to be e-mailing all of the board members – there should be some channel of communication but is there an appropriate response to this? Or just silence and lack of engagement best for now? -- Boykin (Curry)
Watch it kid - 20 demerits for burping
I say it is best to stay silent Boykin -- and I will keep your secret.

By the way Boykin, you married someone with a name like Celerie? Hmmm. I'm getting hungry just writing about you. Add a little Tumeric and lettuce and we're in business. Did you name your child Pepper? Or Rice?

Exclusive pic from Curry home
Well anyway, we have learned that Rice/Pepper, or whatever, is already being prepped for school discipline by getting punished every time he (or she) burps. Curry and Carrot - er - Celerie think Pepper is a little young for an hour of stair climbing a day as they do at Eva' schools*, so they are getting started with just 15 minutes of up the down staircase.

*Harlem Success Acad After School Activity: Marching Kids Up and Down Stairs For An Hour

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