Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UFT Pushes Joint Danielson Training With DOE: One Chapter Leader Objects

Does the UFT leadership remind you of a drug dealer pushing the hard core stuff, waving around Danielson evaluations and common core standards even though knowing it will kill you? Wait 'till you see the video on Danielson from the State of the Union.

Check out the DOENuts blog (The Good And the Bad About Danielson's and APP)
on this issue.


I don’t understand why we are learning about Danielson with our principal when the Union has rejected this evaluation method and I just got finished convincing my principal that she could not evaluate us this way (after a good argument). It makes me (and the Union) appear schizophrenic.

Jeff Kaufman

The union does endorse this method of evaluation but only after the specific details of the method are negotiated as the law reguires.  We also don't want to start such a method until all parties are completely familiar with it and until the evaluators are certified and qualified to do so.  The joint training is merely a small but a significant step in that direction.

From: Charlie Turner
Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2012 1:13 PM
To: ''
Subject: Joint Training on Danielson

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have attached a flyer to this message for this important joint training for you and your principal.  This training is sponsored by the UFT and endorsed by the CSA.  Please have a conversation with your principal and encourage him/her to attend with you.  The training will take place on February 28 at the Brooklyn UFT office located at 335 Adams St. – 24th floor. Please note the floor number (24) is different from the floor where our offices are located (25).  Please use the link on the flyer to register for this training.

Charley Turner
UFT District Representative
Brooklyn High Schools
fax #718-852-9891


  1. You have to love Charlie's response that the Union does accept it but the details have to be negotiated.

    So Mr. Turner, the Union accepts an evaluation system which contains as of right now, unknown details (to be negotiated).

    Shame on you Mr. Turner. Shame on Unity/UFT.

    The framework has been created because there is almost no one left in administrative positions who know how to supervise instruction.The Danielson framework is needed so that the "leaders" of our schools can engage in spreadsheet fascism. Check this off. Check that off. They will not be able to identify what went wrong or right in a lesson and explain why. They will not be able to provide evidence for their check-offs. They will not know how to offer guidance and remedies for "deficiency" check-offs nor know how to build capacity and commitment amongst staff members through effective PDs, mentoring and modeling.

    What a joke.

    I just received an evaluation today. All checks. No written comments or evidence. I received top marks. Wow. I'm so lucky. Here is what I want to know. Why did I receive top marks (checks). Oh that's right I can just line the checks up with the bullet points. I'm so great. I am going to take this evaluation and share it with others and say: see I am a great teacher. Look at my check marks. I will make copies of it and share it with others. They can read it and become "great" too. Just follow the yellow-brick road...I mean check- offs.


    Mr. Check it Off

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  3. Hey, thanks for the shout-out. Mr. Check it Off's comment is incredibly funny exactly because it's so very true..which makes it a type of gallows humor that's actually a tad depressing at the end of the laugh.

    With the definition of what makes a good teacher narrowed to the extent that Danielson's does, there will be nothing to stop a dummy AP from invoking whatever he or she sees in the rubric either FOR a teacher that he or she likes or AGAINST a teacher that he or she doesn't like. I like to think about it this way: If Jaime Escalante were alive and teaching in NYS today (with all of his talent yet some cockines with administrators), what would his APPR would be?


    To make matters worse, I don't think there is much awareness out there about what the APPR really is (thanks, MSM). I click through blogs and Twitter timelines everyday searching for tweets or posts about the APPR. I'm afraid to say that I don't see much. That's not a good sign (I wish people would start writing about this!!) and it tells me that when the law does kick in and the uproar actually does arrive, it will be just a tad too late.

    One sign of hope is the principals' petition. They're actually holding an open forum about the APPR at CWPost this Wednesday. Although I'm not yet sure whether I can make it, I think as many people as possible making the trip out to Nassau County would be a very good thing in terms of bringing the details behind the law to the forefront (as opposed to this 'I'm a student lobbyist!' crap we've all been forced to endure).

  4. Check the box for MORE (Movement of Rank and file Educators,)on the UFT ballot. That will settle the issue and many more.


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