Thursday, February 9, 2012

Media Advisory: Occupy the Department of Education Will Occupy The Panel for Educational Policy to Stop the Vote on School Closures and Co-Locations

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Contacts:  Kelley Wolcott: (201)344-0382
                 Kevin Prosen: (347)443-4598

February 9th, 2012


After years of rubber stamping the mayor's educational reform policies that have that have left New York City schools overcrowded, under-staffed and sorely lacking in resources – the majority mayoral appointed Panel for Educational Policy intends to continue the tradition of voting in favor of the mayor's devastating policies to close schools and co-locate charter schools in already overcrowded public schools. The vote in favor of the mayor's educational agenda takes place while ignoring community outrage and outcry to fix, not give up on struggling schools. Several of the schools slated for closure have even received A's and B's by the city's own "report card" standards.

Frustrated by a lack of voice in decision making, Occupy the Department of Education along with a coalition of concerned students, parents, teachers and community members impacted by failed educational policy in city schools intend to stop the vote of the undemocratically elected Panel and will hold their own General Assembly. In lieu of testifying on the mic of the 1%, participants will use the "people's mic" to demand their voices be heard by the Panel and to insist on the creation of a school governance structure that is democratically elected and accountable to the communities it serves. Occupy the Department of Education has committed to ensure that this will be peaceful and non-violent protest.
                       What:  Teachers, students, parents, elected officials, C.E.C. members, and Occupy the Department of Education will occupy the Panel for Educational meeting to stop the vote on school closure and to hold their own democratic meeting on the impact of the failed policies of school closings and charter school co-location.
                       When:              5:45PM, Thursday, February 9th, 2012
                       Where:            Brooklyn Technical High School
                                                29 Fort Greene Place
                                                Brooklyn, NY
                       Who:                Public school teachers, students, parents, elected officials, community groups, labor leaders, C.E.C. members, and Occupy the Department of Education 

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