Monday, February 20, 2012

Williamsburg Responds to Success Charter Invasion

There is so much to this story I don't know where to start.  I'll have to do a bunch of stories.

A 2nd hearing for Eva's co-loco at MS 50 in Williamsburg was held on Feb. 16.
The legal hearing was originally held on Jan. 17, 2012 where there was only 1 person who spoke in favor of Success while hundreds of community people were opposed. So the NYCDOE invented an excuse to have a repeat hearing to give Success Academy an opportunity to create a semblance of support. Not being able to recruit more than 3 local supporters, the charter chain had to bring in 4 busloads of people from Harlem to create the illusion of support

There's lots of irony here in that most of the people Eva brought into a mostly Latino community were Black --- other than the almost all white Success handlers (plantation politics). It was pointed out time and again that Success put their ads not near the MS 50 building but in white areas where they spent a fortune in advertising (and they still couldn't find more than 3 people to support them). Talk about people being used. They came on as if they were out to save the poor kids of Williamsburg without questioning why Eva is no longer trying to help all those children in Harlem who are still "stuck" in public schools there but didn't make the lottery. You see, Success has done all the creaming it in Harlem could and doesn't want the rest of the Harlem kids. Do they know Eva is now trolling for wealthy white people for schools these very people she brought from Harlem whose kids would not be welcome in the Brooklyn gentrified Success schools?

GEM had 3 cameras in the room and outside. I'm working on a few videos. More later.

Here is the first one where I start out questioning the HSA people -- check the arrogance of some -- and an amazing parent with 3 kids at PS 84 interjects.

Wllmsbg/Grnpt parents respond to distorted NY Times School Book report of the meeting:
We wrote a response to the crummy reporting at School Book (http:// on the co-location hearing Thursday night. It's posted on our website
with pictures of the busses that have HSA signs on them:
Pat D from GEM/ICE did these videos of the press conference in front of MS 50 before the meeting. (view them from bottom up).

[20120216051927 Press Conf. ]
[20120216051754 Press Conf.]
[20120216051339 press Conf.]
[20120216051207 Press Conf.]
[20120216050916 Press Conf.]
20120216050509 Press Conf.]
[20120216050245 Press Conf.]
[20120216045955 Press Conf.]
[20120216045241 Press Conf.]

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  1. Stunning. Divide and conquer. Zombie parents brainwashed by evil eva. Let's not forget that all this has been made possible by the data revolution, that wonderful form of spreadsheet fascism that is able to manipulate truths and disguise these truths by placing them under the umbrella of "concrete, hard, objective, facts."

    Charters are better. Sure they are.

    Phase one of the eventual privatization of education has begun.


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