Friday, February 3, 2012

Harlem Success Acad After School Activity: Marching Kids Up and Down Stairs For An Hour

Just spent 20 minutes watching Eva's staff at HSA (redacted to protect personnel from the usual vicious Moskowitz retaliation)  make approx. a dozen kids march two by two down the hallways - back and forth, around and around during Detention. According to the (redacted) they had been at it for an additional 10 minutes and would be continuing for another 30 (as overheard stated by the HSA staffer).

The children were repeatedly barked orders at and told to keep their eyes straight, not put their hands this way or that etc. I have seen this before on a Friday after school (4:30-5:30pm) as have several others from my school. I understand this to be corporal punishment!!!

What a disgrace - and DOE touts this as a top school? Supports it at the expense of others! Earlier this week an HSA teacher was seen dragging a student down the hall and shaking him. Will the wonders never cease?

Hi everyone,

We have many people from across District 15 that have signed onto the lawsuit against the co-location of Success Academy in the K293 building. But we need more! 

The lawsuit is centered around how Success Charter Network applied for the charter in DIstrict 13 & 14 with a mission to serve at-risk students, and then illegitimately placed it in District 15 to serve a very different demographic/mission (still we don't want Success charter, in D15 or anywhere else in NYC!). Also, the lawsuit challenges the fact that they would only pay $1 a year to use the space inside the K293 building.

Signing onto the lawsuit is our last way to show that we're opposed to this unequal and corporate education reform being forced onto the K293 community & District 15 as a whole. Please consider signing on, if you haven't already, by filling out the form (ATTACHED) and call me, Julian (203) 313-2479 ASAP

Also Very Important!! We need you to join us to announce the lawsuit to the press. Can you be there?

Entrance the K293 School Building 
284 Baltic St. between Court and Smith St.
=>Wednesday, Feb. 8th at 10 a.m.


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