Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jeff Kaufman on Alan Rosenfeld

Jeff left this comment on yesterday's blog entry (Poor NY Post -- losing Alan Rosenfeld, favorite whipping boy) but I think it important enough for its own post. You hearing this Yoav Gonen and Sue Edelman, et al.  from the NY Post?

The media and some of its critics look to who botched up Alan's case. The fact is that the case was not botched up...there never was a case. The junior high school that Alan was dean in shared space with a high school and the high school principal didn't like Alan on the floor. He was was loud and strict to his students. After Alan was to be appointed an Assistant Principal the high school principal attempted to set him up and made the allegations that included oggling and such. He was placed in the rubber room and his AP appointment pulled. After his initial rubber room stint and his hearing which was mostly dismissed "because they couldn't prove anything" (in my book not a technical or procedural reason) he was reassigned to another school where he taught for six months! He began to inquire about his AP appointment and that is when he was sent, once again to the rubber room where he stayed until his retirement.

Alan's case is not DOE bungling. It is the case of person who, despite the incredible pressure by the DOE, the UFT and the media, stood his ground because there was a tenure system in place. Let's not forget we are all one allegation away from being brought up on charges but fortunately we have a system that provides what every job in our democratic society should provide, some level of due process to prevent baseless allegations from depriving us of our livelihood.

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jim callaghan said...

The contract clearly states that D.O.E. has six months to bring charges.
Despite my pleadings to Randi the Lawyer and later to Michael Mulgrew- ("Going on Three years without a contract Ma'!) they never once filed a grievance.
When the chapter leader at JFK was exonerated after a 3020A, she was sent to the rubber room again by Klein as punishment for blowing the whistle on Rotondo- we all know what happened to him.
Randi refused to let me write the story. "I've heard things about her," Randi would say in her sotte voce version of Joe McCarthy.
Naturally, she would never say what she "heard."
Keep in mind: Neither Randi nor Mulgrew, who is a water boy for Bloomberg, ever brought a whistleblower complaint to the City Council after the bill was passed.
That says everything you need to know about their perfidy.