Wednesday, February 8, 2012

El Puente Leader Savages Moskowitz/Success Invasion of MS 50 as Eva Rallies Her Troops

What are you doing on February 16 the evening of the MS 50 hearing on the Moskowitz invasion?

By the way --- they already held a hearing on Jan. 17 but only one person in the audience was for the school with hundreds against. So the DOE "found" something wrong so as to give Eva a chance to get bus-loads of her people from all over the city down and are now holding another hearing next Thursday. If that isn't enough to outrage everyone, what will?

I taped this speech last night.
Los Sures (Southside Williamsburg, Brooklyn) Town Hall.
Frances Lucerna, Executive Director & Founding Principal of El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice, raises many of the push-button charter school and co-location issues.

Then this came in this morning from Eva's machine -- but first my response:

This is the epicenter. All hands on deck at MS 50 on Feb 16 as Eva is organizing her troops. They will try to get on the speaker list early so we have to be there before them. Meetup at 4 or 4:30 followed by a march and rally is proposed.

While Eva knows she will get the vote on March 1 she has to pull in outsiders to make it appear she has community support. I imagine she will get buses. But we have real community support -- don't need no stinkin buses.
Also send emails to let them know the community doesn't want this school.
Also Eva is using the names her paid people are collecting to contact these people. Not a bad thing if she actually gets some community people out who may be swayed by a large turnout opposing her.

I will put up a video later on ed notes of El Peunte founding principal and executive director Frances Lucerna from last night that lays it all out brilliantly.

From: Success Academy Williamsburg <>
Date: February 7, 2012 2:32:11 PM EST
Subject: Feb. 16th hearing: we need your help!

Dear Parents and Supporters,

We're so excited to open Success Academy Williamsburg, but we need your help to make it happen!!  The city still needs to approve the location on South Third Street in order for the school to open. There will be a major public hearing about this location on Thursday, February 16th at 5:15PM at the school on South Third between Roebling and Driggs. 

Make your voice heard! Attend the Space Hearing!

We know that you want this school to open, but we can't do this without you.  The community, politicians and the city needs to hear from you directly.  Please let us know if we can count on you to attend the hearing on February 16th at 5:15PM by replying to this email or by clicking here.

Make your voice heard! Also write an email in support!

The Department of Education needs to see public support in the neighborhood for the proposed move.  Please also send an email to: to show your support for the co-location in JHS 50.  Please forward a copy to

Thank you so much for your support and for helping to open a great new school in Williamsburg!!


The Team at Success Academy Williamsburg

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