Thursday, February 14, 2013

How UFT Reps Ignore Teacher Rights While Threatening

Here is the essence of top-down unions where the members' concerns are put second to those of the leadership. Isn't it time to elect district reps?
A contact posted this on the MORE discussion list.
I ended up marching across the bridge with the UFT contingent during Sunday's ATU rally and march. I started talking with a UFTer I didn't know (better than some of the hacks). We sort of shared stories--pressures at the schools, etc. I wasn't paying the greatest of attention until he told me that their administration forced them to grade the acuity exams during lunch and prep periods. I asked about any fightback in the school. He told me everyone was too scared. I asked about union leadership. I asked what brought him out to this rally. His DR made it clear that it would be really good/make her happy if he would show up.

Is it obvious what's wrong with this picture? Too afraid to fight, ties to the DR who ignores the fear and loathing at the school while forcing this person to show.  I was just so stunned I almost didn't know what to say.
Ed Note: we think organizing people to show to this rally is the right thing to do but too bad the teacher is under assault in his own school and can't seem to get the District Rep to notice while the DR is only interested in getting the teacher to what the union leadership wants.


  1. So basically, an anonymous MORE-on is sharing a story that he/she allegedly heard from another anonymous person secondhand.

    Gotta call it as I see it, seems like Norm is making shit up again.

  2. Did the teacher tell his/her DR this was going on? Ask the DR to come in to speak to the staff? Inform members of their rights? Maybe the DR had NO KNOWLEDGE of the issue at the school? Unless there is more to the post you didn't show, it seems that saying the DR only cares about the whims of the leadership is a leap. Perhaps your hatred of Unity encourages you to make that leap? If DRs could display the kind of intimidation you suggest, perhaps the attendance at monthly chapter leader meetings would be higher? How about attendance at the PEP? Joint Public Hearings? Rallies? COPE contributions?

    1. My point exactly, Norm is an angry, jealous, conniving man. This is a BS piece.

  3. Is meanie Norm abusing the poor itty bitty Unity Caucus slugs? Cease and desist immediately Norm. They take enough abuse from the members they don't serve. They don't need you piling on too.

  4. If Norm wants to be critical that's fine. But, he should be factual and not present silly vignettes like the one above.


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