Saturday, February 16, 2013

Unity Caucus: 15 Minutes From Destruction

If the earth's orbit had been delayed by 15 minutes, the 150 foot long meteor aimed at the earth would have landed at 52 Broadway instead of passing 17,000 miles away. The UFT leadership took immediate credit for saving the UFT building and possibly much of New York itself, though many at 52 Broadway were seen using body language to try to nudge the meteor towards City Hall.

Unity Caucus members were quick to give President Mike Mulgrew credit for delaying the orbit long enough for the meteor to pass by going to court and suing Mayor Bloomberg over closing schools, an act that slowed down time but will not delay the closings. Inside the UFT there were mixed feelings as the meteor landing would have been the only way to stop this year's school closing agenda.

"The fact that so many in our union take what we have for granted is proof that the UFT does a great job. Those union dues go a long way," said Unity Caucus member John Bartley who was quick to blame MORE for not doing enough to deflect the meteor.


  1. Thanks for your fundamental analysis on OV Scion, appreciate it. :)

    Director Education

  2. Director of Education: you and your cronies are doing a horrible job!....I don't appreciate that!......can't wait to see you go!......Karma......


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