Monday, February 11, 2013

MORE Happy Hour in Brooklyn and Staten Island: Fri, 2/15 Meet the Candidates!

Fri. Feb. 15  Staten Island 4-7pm
The Burrito Bar
585 Forest Ave

*Please Spread the Word**
WHAT: MORE happy hour
WHEN: Friday, February 15th. 4 - 6:30 
WHERE: Freddy's Bar:  627 5th Ave between 17th & 18th St. Brooklyn NY 11215

Hi all,

As you know, MORE, the Movement of Rank and File Educators, the new alternative caucus in the UFT, is running in the elections for all officer positions this spring, from president on down. (I am on the ticket as the vice president for elem. schools!)

Next Friday, MORE is hosting a happy hour. . . for fun, some socializing and as a chance for folks to meet some of the candidates and find out why we are running (and why you shoud vote for us!). Julie Cavanagh, our candidate for Pres will be there as well as some of the other candidates. 
Feel free to print and distribute the attached flier to friends and colleagues!

Hope to see you there!

Sam Coleman

3rd Grade Teacher, Brooklyn
NYCoRE member
MORE candidate for UFT Vice President for Elementary Schools

And another next week:

Fri Feb 22 4-7pm Elmhurst, Queens 

Terraza 7
4019 Gleane St

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  1. You should pay the $25 to promote this on Facebook.


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