Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ohanian Lays Waste to Common Core (Once Again)

Keep reminding yourself that both the UFT/AFT and the DOE/Ed deformers support CC.

Here is Susan's latest report:

Cartoon: Advice from Dr. Seuss.

Cartoon: Facebook deactivation contract.

Cartoon: Rosa Parks

Cartoon: follow Gates money trail

Cartoon: Purpose of the CCSS

Won't Get Fooled Again? Reasons to Resist the Common Core
Michael Paul Goldenberg
Rational Math Ed blogspot

Outstanding, short summary of what's wrong with the experimental, risky, and destructive Common Core.

Education forum spotlights core
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

This editorial is rather breathtaking in its misrepresentation of--everything.

Policy Leader to Shift From Gates Foundation to College Board

Chronicle of Higher Education

David Coleman's former partner at Gates Foundation joins him at College Board.

Board balks at Common Core; Tantasqua pushes state to drop new school standards
Craig S. Semon
Telegram and Gazette

 I say 3 Cheers! for a board that is still willing to think for themselves and insist on local autonomy

Kindergarten lessons intensify under newly adopted Common Core State Standards
Venita Jenkins
The Fayetteville Observer

One more example of the wholesale acceptance of the Common Core. The cheerful acceptance of the burial of child-appropriate kindergarten values just leaves me too sad to comment.

Knowledge Quest webinar aligns graphic novels to the standards
Press Release
 American Library Association

In a new Knowledge Quest webinar hosted by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), writer Katie Monnin will guide attendees through aligning graphic novels to various national standards, including the AASL learning standards and the Common Core State Standards.

Online Testing Is Coming to New Jersey Schools -- Ready or Not
John Mooney
NJ  Spotlight

Read current PARCC propaganda being spread in New Jersey. Read the NJ superintendent's quote of the week on PARCC.

Gates-Financed Common Core Standards Turn Kindergarten into Global Economy Zone
Susan Ohanian
Daily Censored

If you doubt that the Common Core is all about undreaming a dream, watch the video described here.

To the editor
Leonard Marcus
New York Times

 People in the world of children's books rarely make statements attacking political programs. It's good to see this.

To the editor
Stephen Krashen, professor emeritus, USC
Los Angeles Times

Short and to the point.

To the editor
Stephen Krashen
Publishers' Weekly

Librarians seem to be rushing to embrace the Common Core. The required testing will end up destroying libraries.

To the editor
Stephen Krashen
New Jersey Spotlight

Common Core testing: where the money is.

To the editor
Michelle Shory, Knoxville, Clara Lee Brown, Knoxvi

A response to Tennessee senator described as nutcase.

What are Windham education officials hiding?
Jonathan Pelto
Wait, What? blog

Here's how to make sure test scores rise in one easy lesson.

Prince George’s considers copyright policy that takes ownership of students’ work
Ovetta Wiggins
Washington Post

 In a move declaring teachers to be serfs, Prince George claims the right to anything they create at home and using their own technology

Test Your Public Ed Savvy
Susan Ohanian and Stephen Krashen
The Progressive

If you missed it at The Progressive, here's our Ed Savvy quiz. Please note: Unlike the claims of Standardistos, ours are verified.

The kids who get left behind Some students' achievements mean nothing to educators (sic) obsessed with testing
Eileen Riley-Hall
Albany Times Union

The low scores on standardized tests  of a child with autism will not only deem her a failure, but under the new teacher evaluation system these tests scores will also be considered evidence that her teachers are ineffective.

Beware of Foundations Bearing Gifts
Sarah Darer Littman
CT News Junkie

As a reader noted, this reporter does her homework! It makes her unique.

The Operator: Is the most trusted doctor in America doing more harm than good
Michael Specter
New Yorker

I recommend this article for what it reveals about our society's worship of celebrity--and eagerness to embrace whacky fads. The author is talking about health care, but of course it could be education.

Health Care's Trick Coin
Ben Goldacre
New York Times

The Feds twiddle their thumbs on the kind of outrage Goldacre exposes-- while continuing to use teachers as punching bags.

 Get Schooled Good advice from educator: Let your kids choose own path, in college and life

Atlanta Journal-Constitution  Get Schooled Blog

A breath of fresh air from the Get Schooled Blog at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The comments are very negative--except for mine.

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  1. The problem at DWC and in the system in general is the fact that they (the DOE) won’t let teachers concentrate on teaching. Instead they have us in endless meetings developing “curriculum maps” and re-inventing lesson plans that have worked well for years. One year we are focusing on project based learning, and then it’s teaching backwards, now it’s the common core. What’s next? Ask McGraw Hill. The concentration is never on content but on the delivery method du jour and on endless new “Danielson” influenced models of teaching. How long will Danielson last? Now, we are being forced to give students long multiple choice tests on material they haven’t learned yet that are somehow supposed to assess their skills and set a baseline. As an experienced teacher I can assess my students in a far more meaningful way by simply giving them a short writing assignment. Another problem is the so called “comp” job. Experienced teachers, actually some of the best teachers are pulled out of the class-room to become “deans” who patrol the hallways. If the security agents were better supervised this waste of teaching man-power would not be necessary. The department assistant is another way that some of the best teachers are pulled from the class-room; they work the book-rooms or do other jobs that a school aide could be doing. I certainly don’t blame or fault the teachers for any of this; I blame the administrators for creating these positions. Lastly, I sincerely wish the UFT would work to eliminate such a waste of talented man-power. Let teachers teach!!!!!

    I am well aware of the fact that sometimes these "comp" positions were created to prevent the excessing of teachers which wouldn’t be necessary if the DOE didn’t constantly short the schools of funding, especially at the last minute. As Jon Stewart attempted to explain to Ms. Rhee on the Daily Show (must see TV) last week, constantly changing what is expected of teachers creates a level of anxiety that can be demoralizing. Ultimately, when it comes time to decide upon the future of DWC, our statistics are often cited as a reason for the school staying open or being closed. If we let teachers teach, focus on teaching and not the methodology du jour, then our statistics would certainly be better! DWC has “elements” of greatness to this day. The job we do with at-risk students is incomparable but is not reflected accurately in statistics such as our four year graduation rate. Our athletic program is still one of the finest in the country never mind the city. Our honors program and myriad AP classes are glowing examples of what DWC still does so well. We have some of the best young as well more experienced teachers in the city. At the core of DWC there exists an uncommon camaraderie among our staff. Our current administration has done an amazing job battling the incompetence and constant sabotaging by the DOE. I see a light at the end of the tunnel as the mayor finally “sunsets.” I can only hope that we can stop the co-location currently being planned and instead be allowed to work to restore DWC to its rightful place as one of the top schools in the city.


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