Wednesday, February 6, 2013

UFT Election Starts Today - MORE Election Leaflet - Download and Print

MORE will send them to your school if you want. Or pick some up at the Delegate Assembly today or the MORE meeting on Saturday.

Don't let any Unity hack tell you you do not have the right to distribute lit. (Contact Kit Wainer if there is a problem.)

See below for a note from Kit Wainer on procedures for distribution of lit during the elections when you can go to other schools to stuff mailboxes. (You can put MORE lit in boxes of your own school all the time.) We will post copies of the memorandum allowing you to do so.

[Excuse the jumbled type on the names -- it will print fine -- just an anomaly of this blog.]

To: MORE leafleters
From: Kit Wainer
Re: Leafleting in the school mailboxes

Thank you for helping MORE get the word out about our 2013 election campaign!
As you place our election leaflets in the mailboxes within schools there are a few things you should know.
1. You have the right to place union literature in the mailboxes within your school or within any other school, as long as you don’t do it while you are on duty. You can do it before or after school, or during your lunch period.
2. When going to other schools make sure to sign in with security (bring photo ID), go to the office where the mailboxes are, and introduce yourself to the secretary. Show the secretary, or any administrator who asks, the Department of Education memorandum which allows you to place election literature in the mailboxes.
3. Do not agree to leave the stack with the secretary, the UFT chapter leader, or anyone else. You have a right to put them directly in the mailboxes.
4. Do not get into fights or arguments! Speak confidently but not aggressively. Getting into a battle will do you no good. If after you have shown everyone the Department of Education memorandum they still won’t let you leaflet, contact Kit Wainer ( Kit will contact the UFT and the UFT will get the Department of Education to tell the principal to let you in. You will then be allowed to return on another day.



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