Monday, February 11, 2013

School Closings: Chicago Union Mobilizes Entire Teacher Corps to Fight Hit List

...while the UFT leaves each school to fight for themselves.

Note the message from Karen Lewis below.
Don't use the phrase closing schools. Use Hit List. Don't think because your school is not on the list that this is not coming to you soon.

Can you imagine our UFT union leadership sending us such a message!!
In fact Rahmbo and Bloomberg are out to close and privatize as many as they can feasibly accomplish. With every closed school the union is weakened. The strike was a lesson in the dangers of people acting collectively. 

Here is the blurb:

The Mayor's office and Board of Education have threatened to close up to one hundred of our neighborhood schools. CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett is expected to release the hit list within a week.

Through the month of February, CPS held hearings underwritten by the Walton Family Foundation (Wal-Mart) to sell these school closings to the public. We encourage everyone to pledge their attendance at one of these meetings. Visit to take the pledge.

Concurrently, charter school profiteers have been pushing their message of replacing neighborhood schools with charters through the so-called "School Choice Week." The public did not buy what the saboteurs and privatizers were selling and thousands attended these meetings to save all schools from closing. CTU members and our parents and community partners have organized summits, knocked on doors, and phoned aldermen.

We, as a Union, need to be prepared for the release of the hit list by staying organized and vigilant.

CTU President Karen GJ Lewis explains what we all must do to save our schools.

Here is the link:

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