Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MORE Candidate Francesco Portelos on NYC Firefighter Evaluations

Just a little analogy I thought of as I sat in exile for blowing the whistle on corruption. Ridiculous? Exactly!

I have nothing but the utmost respect for NY’s Bravest.
-Francesco Portelos
Parent, Educator UFT Chapter Leader
Candidate for UFT Middle School Executive Board Seat

New NYC Firefighter Evaluations

As the mayor of NYC and governor of NYS try to come up with a better way to support teachers, by evaluating them, the public asks….”Why only evaluate and support teachers?

The public is absolutely right. Don’t other civil servants need support as well? Let’s change the evaluation system for everyone!” replied the  mayor, during a press conference yesterday.

Starting next month, every FDNY employee will undergo a strict new evaluation. 20% of the evaluation will be  based on something called Value Retained Model or VRM. The way VRM works is that an accountability expert will make sure to arrive to the scene of a fire first. They will take pictures and videos of the building from the point they arrive to the time the firefighters have finished.
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