Saturday, February 23, 2013

MS 80 - Bronx Parents Need Your Help - 2/28 Rally

Hi brothers and sisters

This goes out on behalf of one of our Bronx parents.  We could really use your support in this.

Bronx community groups and parents will be holding a rally in support of MS 80 parents. MS 80 really suffering under this new principal Emmanuel Polanco.  MS 80 was one of the schools slated to close last year, however the community at large fought to keep the school open.

The DOE assigned a new principal to the  school, a principal who has no idea what he is doing, in turn further harming and putting in jeopardy the children at this school.  Below please see the NY Daily News article about said principal.

Thursday - 2/28/2013
3:30 PM
149 East Mosholu Parkway North
Bronx, NY
Van Cortland Avenue

Please circulate the attached flyer.  I really urge you to attend this rally.

Thank you.

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