Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How UFT District Reps Undermine Democracy. VOTE MORE

The District Rep was pushing the Unity ballet too telling people how can they just vote for the entire unity party by checking the box. -- report from a teacher
Yes, the Unity/UFT hacks are out pushing their drugs on union time and on our dues. Here was a District Rep while on the UFT dole (at well over a 100 grand a year) pushing Unity Caucus during an ostensible meeting on the wonders of the evaluation system. My feeling is they must be getting a bit nervous when they are willing to so openly violate labor law, which can lead to a charge in front of PERB for misuse of union dues for open politicking.

As I've been saying, unless there is someone in the school actively pushing back, they can get away with this crap. But the teacher/reporter, while possibly not confronting the DR, was not buying any of it, a sign they will be having some problems selling whatever they agree to.
The UFT person from my district came to my school and wanted to talk to us about the new evaluation system... saying how great it was because Mulgrew fought so hard for it... and it really pissed me off because doesn't the union care what the members think? Why is the district rep personally visiting buildings to hype up a crappy eval system when we dont even have a contract? She was saying oh and the test scores are only 20% and Mulgrew worked so hard to do this... and then she is doing backflips over Danielson and how great it is, when it is being misused.
This report is representative of why there are no elections for District Reps, the main agents --- the middle men and women between the top-level union and the chapter leaders.

Want to do something about this? Hand out the first MORE election leaflet in your school which will be available for downloading later in the day from the MORE web site. Or you can email me for a copy. Or you can have us send or deliver a batch if you don't print them yourselves.

Ballots go our early April so there will be a school by school battle with a focus on the eval system and MORE is outgunned and outspent and also has to battle on a 2 front war with every New Action vote going to Mulgrew. What do you think Mulgrew will do with a big "mandate?"



  1. Norm,

    If you are a veteran teacher making top salary then you're making over a hundred grand. Why do you keep attacking district reps as if they don't deserve it? They're making that much when they all seem to be working at least 3 extra hours every day. Seems like you're misleading people.

  2. There really should have been a vetting process. Why is there a candidate for an officer on this flier that reports members from their own school to the principal? Was there no vetting process or simply not enough people interested in this group? Sad, scary and true.

  3. Can someone please tell me how ANY of these candidates have had a POSITIVE effect in helping the staff in THEIR respective schools? PLEASE

  4. I find MORE's participation at Delegate Assembly a quantum leap above the former ICE diatribe. I am glad Mulgrew fairly allows there voice in debate and treats their speakers with respect on the floor as do they. However, I find their leadership's penchant for espousing Marxist views at the Assembly outdated and counterproductive. I prefer the wisdom of Groucho over Karl--"Two wrongs don't make a right but, three rights make a left".


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