Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sign the Petition: UFT and NYC DOE: Share the Details of the Teacher Evaluation Agreement

A new teacher evaluation needs to be fair and be a source of support to the classroom. Share the MOU.

Share the details of the Teacher Evaluation Agreement being proposed

On January 17, 2013 United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew stated "last night our negotiators had reached an agreement — but Mayor Bloomberg blew the deal up in the early hours today." What were the details of that agreement that was supposedly reached?

Mayor Bloomberg responded there “were unreasonable demands being made by the United Federation of Teachers. Among the contentious issues was the union’s demands that the evaluation deal sunset in June of 2015."   

What were the other demands and issues?

Leo Casey, negotiating for the UFT, wrote on edwize.orgDuring the last week, as the UFT and the DOE met long into the night in an effort to reach agreement on the terms of the MOU, we asked, again and again, more insistently at each turn, to see the DOE’s draft of their application. It was not until late into Wednesday evening, barely 24 hours before the deadline, that the DOE finally gave us their draft of the application. When we read the draft, it quickly became apparent why they had resisted sharing it with us. Included in the draft were  numerous scoring tables and conversion charts which the UFT was now seeing for the very first time. These tables and charts were very important: embedded in them were fundamental decisions about the shape of the evaluation system.

What are the details of the scoring tables and conversion charts?

Why won't the DOE and UFT share the details of what each side is proposing? The teachers, students and parents deserve better than to be kept in the dark.

Show us what's on the table. Show us the MOU. Share the details.

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  1. Did you ever consider that perhaps, as unlikely as it might seem to you,the UFT won some concessions from DOE that were unpalatable to them, and, if exposed prior to an MOU being issued might be dissavowed by DOE and taken out of a future agreement? There was after all a reason that Bloomberg blew up the agreement at the 11th hour.

    1. You have to be kidding? We do know that Mulgrew conceded 2nd sunset year. MOUUUUUUUUUU.

    2. And what did he get in exchange for that? You don't know, do you? And how much does it mean anyway if Bloomberg is gone? He is what is driving all of this nonsense. A year from now there may be so much trouble with it statewide that the point is moot and there will be new issues. Mulgrew did indicate that there was an expedited grievance process at the school level and other items that we would all be "surprised" to see included. Might not those things be game changers? Perhaps this is what Bloomberg flipped about and the Sunset Clause is a red herring? Negotiations are basically back to step one, aren't they, do you want to handcuff the negotiating team by having them tip their hand? I'd like to know as well the specifics, but the UFT is a huge organization, it is just not practical to inform and involve everyone in any major decision and negotiation.

  2. And, haven't we done just grand in our "decisions and negotiations" over the past few years!

    1. How are the other urban unions doing comparitively? Detroit? D.C.? Chicago? L.A.? Denver? Even though the Chicago teachers struck and achieved some success their protections are still far inferior to NYC.

  3. Why don't you try comparing where we are now with where we were in the past. It is beyond me how you can defend these guys unless you are one of them.


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