Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DOE and SCI Coverup in Investigation of PS 106 Principal Marcella Sills

Only for time cards??? What happened to a financial audit??? Why does [Supt] Lloyd-Bey get away w covering up for her??? This is pure corruption in D27... former PS 106 teacher.
I was just running out when the news broke on CBS. Time cards? She was late? The school ran better when she wasn't there.

The DOE covers up for thug principals who ruin the careers of teachers and run schools like banana republics.

No time for putting up links now - if you want background search ed notes for them.


  1. Whenever they catch these thug principals, they ALWAYS let them off....by merely firing them-no,criminal charges.

  2. Let's see how this is handled by the D.A.'s office

  3. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/02/18/report-recommends-firing-of-far-rockaway-principal-following-investigation/

  4. It sounded to me like they wanted the quickest way to the door to this episode and this principal as they could find. Time cards and lying to investigators always work well. I actually take that as a good sign. Maybe no more running to the press to humiliate teachers? (We could call it the Portelos Effect)

  5. The investigators recommended firings and also turning the case over to the DA. I hope the DA investigates the money.

  6. 106 just got a new AP that was hand picked by Sills. She's a clone. Hopefully she'll be gone too and we can actually get support and teach!
    Too many careers ruined and kids lacking what they need.
    In all my years, I've never experienced such corruption.

  7. Repeated attempts for Carmin Farina and Michael Mulgrew to come to the school to speak to the teachers and support staff have fallen on deaf ears. They have truly shown they just do not care and only care about being on TV and in front of schools where there are positive stories. They both knew about eat was happening at that school years ago but did not lift a finger. They should not even have their jobs as they have already covered this up twice before by ignoring written complaints that was sent to them.


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