Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Lies Randi Tells on Twitter

Randi Weingarten@rweingarten 
@beth_dimino @pfh1964-be4 u criticize know the facts-@uft had a rank & file comm including all caucuses & got overwhelming support at DA mtg
While New Action enthusiastically supported the UFT charters, ICE -- if I am not mistaken, a caucus in the UFT, opposed it with Michael Fiorillo leading the charge and in fact speaking against it at the DA. At a charter info meeting Jeff Kaufman, James Eterno and I attended and raised lots of issues related to the UFT charter, including some not-so hard svengali-like predictions. I believe Ed Notes and possibly the ICE blog also published critical comments.

We also talked about how the UFT got the space from Kathy Cashin in District 19 and how that held UFT members in Cashin controlled schools hostage.

Here is the full twitter exchange.

The charter school movement began as a grassroots attempt to improve public ed. It’s become a backdoor for undermining pub ed

@rweingarten @beth_dimino So why did the UFT start a charter? Makes the union look like hypocrites. Mutes the ability to speak out loud.

@pfh1964 @beth_dimino -charters were Shanker's ideas..to be incubators not dividers.. they need to be held to same standards

@rweingarten @pfh1964 Charters have become a nightmare for all because uft leadership didn't consider the rest of us or think it through 1st

@beth_dimino @pfh1964-be4 u criticize know the facts-@uft had a rank & file comm including all caucuses & got overwhelming support at DA mtg


  1. It's a well-established fact that Randi Weingarten is truth and accuracy-challenged.

    No one should believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

  2. In a twist, UFT gets attacked over its charter school co-location ny.chalkbeat.org/2013/02/28/in-a-twist-uft-gets-attacked-over-its-charter-school-co-location/


  3. Randi is a lot of fun to spar with on Twitter. I have engaged in sparring battles with Randi and mostly because she is always caught in double talk.


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