Sunday, February 23, 2014

Marcella Sills Was a Humanitarian by Being Absent and Late

The school ran so much better when she wasn't there. Maybe we can start a trend. Have bully and abusive principals just stay home. Let them collect their salaries. A cheap price to pay for improving the school community.


Anonymous said...

Can teachers stay home too?

Anonymous said...

I read the misconduct report and could not believe the lies Ms. Sills put forth. I am a former teacher at this school and I was actually glad when she wouldn't arrive. I would have time to teach to the students needs. When she arrived the PA system would not stop. It was distracting and often not related to the academic day. It was truly better when she wouldn't arrive!!! She is trolling for sympathy using her mother but she herself never cared about anyone else's serious situations with their families. If she is not 3020 there is no justice within the DOE.