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One of the Constants in Life: Chris Cerf is Still a Crook

Chris Cerf jumps around more than a bedbug. Now he is leaving as NJ State Ed Commissioner. And everywhere he goes he leaves scandalous doo-doo in his wake. After a  tenure working for fellow crook Chris Christie, Cerf is jumping the Christie ship and going back to work for his former crook boss, Joel Klein, to run Amplify into the ground. Cerf helped chose Cami Anderson as Newark Supt, who also worked for Joel Klein, whose spawns (Cerf, Cami(Gate), Rhee, John White, etc) have toxified the world of education.

As usual, Cerf leaves his ethics at the schoolhouse door.
Jersey Jazzman:
Chris Cerf's Top Ten Reformy Moments - The resignation of former Acting Commissioner of Education Chris Cerfdeserves a contemplative and appropriately serious response. Until then, I present... ...

Bob Braun has 2 posts.

Did Cerf help generate Newark schools business for the company that hired him? 

Cerf gone? The viper may be leaving, but the venom lingers on: Guest blog

 And a Newark teacher has written a little ditty:

Cerf said in another article that he didn't know if any NJ districts had contracts with Amplify. Newark has a huge contract. Anderson reports to Cerf. Hello?
Newark teachers are saddened by the loss of a major Cami Anderson coconspirator Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf to Amplify.  Cerf entered my little world when I first learned of how he was pivotal in preparing an audit of Newark Public Schools for then Mayor Cory Booker. Global Education Advisors a company incorporated by Cerf using his Montclair home address was paid a paltry fee of $500,000 put up by the Broad Foundation and channeled through the Foundation for Newark's Future for their work. Now our friend Cerf is leaving for Amplify a company run by Joel Klein former New York City Chancellor. Coincidentally, both Cerf and Anderson previously worked for Klein in New York. Cerf has stated that he does not know if any New Jersey school districts have contracts with Amplify. It must have escaped his attention that Newark Public Schools has a large contract with Amplify. By the way Commissioner Cerf, State District Superintendent Anderson reports to you. The suspicions of conflicts of interest you leave behind will be sorely missed Commissioner. Are there any more job opportunities at Amplify? Maybe the company could make use of the talents of a real educator like me?

A Newark Teacher
Ed Notes has done a batch of stuff on Cerf the Crook over the past 7 years. Links to more below the break.

  1. Christopher Cerf - Ed Notes Online - Blogger

    Jun 4, 2012 - Christopher Cerf: The Perfect Face of Ed Deform... and a Crook Too ... Ed Notes Online: Coming Soon From Chris Cerf: I'm Not a Crook. Dec 18 ...

  2. Perdido Street School: Chris Cerf, Cory Booker Are Crooks
    Feb 24, 2011 - Chris Cerf, Cory Booker Are Crooks. The gravy train never ends for these ed deformers, what with the Gates Foundation money, Murdoch ...

  3. Christopher Cerf | Crooks and Liars
    Crooks and Liars
    Jun 12, 2011 - New Jersey's answer to Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking the first steps toward enriching his friends and benefactors by privatizing public ...

    Christopher Cerf: The Perfect Face of Ed Deform... and a Crook Too

    Cerf/Broad/Duncan extortion racket in New Jersey

    There was a twitter debate initiated by Ken Libby about civility in the rhetoric on both sides of the ed wars where he raised the question as to whether our side can also be too vicious. Read below and tell me how we can't be vicious enough.

    Broad Infestation at the NJDOE

    Jim Horn posts a stunning letter he received from a former employee at the New Jersey Department of Education. The letter is anonymous for obvious reasons. Take that for what it's worth, but keep in mind Jim's blog, Schools Matter, is an excellent resource with a solid track record. I'm inclined to take this at fact value:
    Below is an email I received from a former NJ DOE employee whose moral fatigue forced her from a good paying job with the State. Read it and then you will know why the Eli Broad calls his kind of philanthropy investments rather than grants.
    I am a former NJ DOE employee who resigned recently because I could no longer be a part of the extortion and fraud that is taking part there under the Broad Administration of Chris Cerf, Penny MacCormack, Peter Shulman, Bing Howell, ad nauseum.
    From Jersey Jazzman blog.

    You really have to read both Schools Matter and Jersey Jazzman to get the full picture of these crooks. We have written often about now Jersey State Ed Commissioner Cerf appointed by that other crook Christie. See below for links to our posts for the full Cerf Sleaze story. This just came in from Leonie Haimson about how Cerf tried to get rid of real educators but when he couldn't he just created a new costly class above them.

    A perfect analogy: Cerf head on Bloomberg body

    Cerf's latest power grab

    Cerf tried to illegally replace NJ supes (real educators) but when court stopped him as it did with Joel Klein, he appts new positions above them (remember regional supervisors?) made up of broadies (Eli Broad Academy grads -- the national equivalent of the Leadership Academy but for Supts.) And using title 1 funds besides. All facilitated of course by Duncan and his minions in the name of Ed reform.

    Ed Notes

    Dec 18, 2010
    Just to keep in perspective what education "reform" means to these fellows--and to the media, Christopher Cerf, former President of Edison, the commercial outfit that has stirred up bitter controversy in 25 states, was hired in ...
    Feb 07, 2007
    Though Cerf insisted he had no financial interest in the company, it turns out that he just sold his Edison stock yesterday – when he saw that the CPAC agenda listed him as speaking about privatization and Edison.
    Feb 09, 2007
    In a photo I took at the press conference, it appears as if Christopher Cerf, one of Klein's newest appointees, might have been napping, or as the caption says on my blog, “Christopher Cerf dreams of ways to turn the NYC ...
    Dec 06, 2008
    Check out Juan Gonzalez' column in today's NY Daily News about the long-suppressed report from the Special Commissioner of Investigation on Chris Cerf, the Deputy Chancellor, as well as the NY Times story here.

    Feb 11, 2007
    I'm using this space to post another incisive email on Cerf from Leonie Haimson. The question she raises about the way the press dropped the ball on Cerf is so relevant. Of cousre, I would add to this the silence of the UFT ...
    Oct 21, 2008
    "No excuses," proclaimed his able assistant Christopher Cerf when asked about the vast differences in the numbers between the poorer and wealthier areas of the city. "Teachers have to figure out ways to get these kids into ...

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