Sunday, February 2, 2014

NYSUT Update: Kiev on the Hudson as Randi Plays Role of Ukraine President Yanukovych

Randi is behind the so-called NYSUT insurgency multiple and trusted sources have informed us. I don't have particulars but this info came in response to my comments the other day in this post (The Battle for NYSUT: Ebbs and Flows)
While some think Randi must be behind the move of the UFT to take over NYSUT completely and totally (they pretty much have a lot of control now) this doesn't have her fingerprints. What does she have to gain from trying to push out Iannuzzi - who she helped put in? Or pushing out Maria Neira who she promoted from the UFT Exec Bd to a NYSUT VP?
You know, I should have trusted my instincts all along but the total level of how nonsensical this is in terms of Randi's own self-interest led me out of the real world into fantasy land -- that Mulgrew might have stepped out on his own. These quotes from Reality-Based Educator:
Literally up is down and black is white. The less aggressive "challengers" are getting supported because the Iannuzzi regime hasn't been aggressive enough.....Orwellian beyond belief - but par for the course at the AFT/NYSUT/UFT. ...  Reality Based Educator at PerdidoSS
My sources say that Randi could not accept Iannuzzi and crew's blatant rejection of Cuomo which would leave her without a role to play with the big boys on the state Democratic Party level. My sources say that it more important to her than even considerations of splitting NYSUT.

But my guess is that she didn't think it would go this far and that Iannuzzi would cave or play ball. The interesting story is NYC Unity Caucus member and former UFT Exec Bd member Maria Neira, who was promoted and pushed into the NYSUT VP position by Randi, now feels she represents the interests of the teachers in the state and keeping NYSUT united is in their interests. The Andy slate came up with newly minted UFT VP and Teacher Center head Fortina to go up against Neira.

Neira was a popular person in Unity and I imagine many of them will have to swallow to vote against her. But they will. Swallow, I mean.

What this means in the long run is this: in the 35 years or so of NYSUT history -- where Shanker and Hobart merged the AFT and NEA on the state level -- Shanker's way of going around the enormous national NEA hostility directed at him and his dream of running one national teachers union -- there has NEVER -- Say it again - NEVER - been a contested election for NYSUT state office. That is because there is only one statewide caucus - Unity. There is no equivalent of MORE at the state level ---- and now one may very well emerge. And even if it is relatively small on the level of MORE that is major.

First of all I should point out that these are not rank and filer union members but union presidents and their elected delegates who we are talking about. So this is an entirely different kettle of fish and something MOREista observers, committed to rank and file organizing have commented on. Other MOREistas are supportive, especially given the increasingly close relationship we have been developing with Port Jefferson Station TA --
Me and my adopted political son Mike
The official website of the PJSTA over the past few months -- thanks to the work of Mike Schirtzer in MORE who has worked with the great crew over there.

At issue is an increasingly widening rift between the UFT leadership and the smaller locals who have gotten chopped by Cuomo with the other big cities up for grabs by both groups over time. Thus even if they go with the Pallotta/Mylgrew/Randi side this time they will be looking for results, results that Andy can't deliver on.

Cuomo's pre-k support plan robs Peter to pay Paul given that many if not most small locals don't even have full-day kindergarten, let alone pre-k. Thus, Cuomo's plan to take state money and pour it into NYC pre-k while upstate and Long Island poorer locals get less state aid has caused a major divide. Thus, the De Blasio plan to raise taxes on the rich inside NYC to pay for the plan makes perfect sense to them -- but not to the UFT/Revive NYSUT crew. I'll get more into those weeds in another post. (And also talk about the role MORE might decide to play in all this.) The Cuomo property tax cap is a killer for small locals.

The incumbents and their growing allies are the real insurgents in NYSUT, not the Mulgrew/Alan Lubin/Andy Pallotta "Revive NYSUT" make-believe. It is funny to call the incumbents led by Dick Iannuzzi the insurgents but as time goes on you will see what I mean. Once he was freed from the UFT muzzle he has shown some chops - and clearly had the support to push forth the headline breaking news of withdrawal of support for John King and an attack on the common core, which Randi tweeted in her usual manner, she was so "thrilled" at -- while that entire incident only helped STRONGER TOGETHER.

When Mulfrew and crew call themselves insurgents just go back and read RBE at Perdido Street School
And Yet Three More Oldies But Goodies: Michael Mulgrew Defends John King's APPR Teacher Evaluation System - Because I'm in the mood for oldies this afternoon, here's three more UFT gems coming to you from back on September 4, September 5, and September 13.


toolazyforalogin said...

Thanks for your continued posts about this. It seems to me that the bigger districts like NYC, Buffalo, Yonkers etc. will all be on-board with Revive because there are different issues at the city level than at the other "local levels. I teach in the burbs and to us the tax cap is the number 1 issue that needs to be addressed but it means nothing to UFT King Mulgrew.since it doesn't affect the UFT.

It's definitely pitting local districts against the big city districts and all it does is actual DIVIDE educators across the state.

Harris Lirtzman said...

Scott and that's a team anyone in UNITY needs to be afraid of.

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I've deteriorated since you last saw me. I had a turning point. But right now busy cleaning off my friend's jaguar.