Monday, February 17, 2014

SUPE Call: #ResistTFA

Help Us Get #ResistTFA Trending on Twitter!

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WHEN: Monday, February 17th
  • Get #ResistTFA trending to draw people to critiques of TFA
  • Reach as many potential TFA applicants and supporters
  • Simply Tweet why you do not support TFA, and make sure to add the #ResistTFA hashtag to your Tweet
  • Share any articles, blog posts, opinion pieces critiquing TFA
  • Share, Share, Share our event!

Follow us on Twitter: @SUPEnational

Also, we're running a photo campaign. We hope to eventually compile all these photos together to create a short video clip to share as a part of our campaign. Check out a few of these examples. And of course e-mail us your own! What could be better reason to take a selfie? 

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"See" you tomorrow!

In Solidarity,

Students United for Public Education (SUPE)

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