Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's it All About, Jenny? StudentsFirstNY Leader On What Common Core is Really About

Jenny Sedlis, executive director of the group StudentsFirstNY, which lobbies for tougher teacher standards, said the Regents' decision weakened teacher evaluations. "They've given ineffective teachers an out clause," she said, adding it sends a message to school districts: "Don't even try and terminate any ineffective teachers."... Wall Street Journal on NY Regent delay on common core.
I always loved Jenny when she was Eva's mouth piece at Success. We used to have some great chats. In her current job as head of StudentFirstNY she probably has to wipe off the slime on a regular basis. Or maybe she lets the layers build up.

I appreciate that she laid out what the entire ed deform movement is about. Except for that part like they really give a shit about effective or ineffective teachers. Come om Jenny, by now even you know it's all bullshit (and if you don't I feel sorry for you). But I guess a job is a job.

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