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REVIVE UFT : Mulgrew Forms New Group to Ally With MORE, Causing Split in Unity

"Before we can move forward, we must resolve many outstanding issues from those dark years, starting with our working conditions, which are also our students’ learning conditions."... Michael Mulgrew
UFT President Mike Mulgrew is finding so much in common with the MORE caucus he has decided to build an alliance with MORE and is pushing for the rest of Unity Caucus to do the same. Facing internal resistance, Mulgrew has formed an organization, REVIVE UFT, which will run a joint slate with MORE in the 2016 UFT elections. Recognizing that MORE's Julie Cavanagh was the superior candidate in the 20013 elections, Mulgrew will step aside for her in 2016 and replace Andy Pallotta as Exec VP of NYSUT.

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for reminding me that at one time I was actually funny - sort of. Chaz has been reporting on the PS 106 story -
Why Is Michelle Lloyd-Bey Still The District 27 Superintendent? - The continuing fallout of the reassignment and eventual removal of *"Leadership Academy Principal" *Marcella Sills has now spotlighted... 

And linked to some of my posts on Ed Notes and Norms Notes. I read this and can't believe I actually wrote this for The Wave.

Tweed Announces Closing of UFT: Will Be Replaced By Six Smaller Unions
Commentary By Norman Scott
Norman Scott Norman Scott Some Wave readers have told me that I should never use satire. But here goes, anyway.
The NYCDOE announced at the Tweed Courthouse that the UFT would be phased out over a 4-year period due to its failure to protect members. Six smaller unions will be opened, each headed by a potential successor to Randi Weingarten. Teachers will have a choice as to which union to join.
The announcement was made by Mayor Bloomberg and Joel Klein with a beaming Randi Weingarten at their side. "We know this closing may surprise some," said Bloomberg, "but we need a union that appears to be representing the members' interests while convincing them our reforms are best for them."
Each union will have a different theme.
Eyeglasses Are US will concentrate on frames with a separate enclosed mini-union focusing on lenses. A sunglass unit will open in 2010, in time for the next union election. "We're saving Armani for that time as it will bring in a lot of votes for Randi," said a UFT spokesperson.
A Dental Plan for You will be a theme-based union that will address issues teachers might have with brushing and flossing. All union members will get a free brush, some floss and a tube of toothpaste. Unity Caucus members will get teeth whitener in theirs.
GHI Joined at the HIP will provide guidance on how to take out loans to pay medical bills that will not be covered by the soon to be merged and privatized GHI and HIP. "Don't' worry," said a union spokesperson. "Randi Weingarten and Artie Pepper will be on the Board at HIP and will be able to find out the lowest interest rates."
Avoiding Grievances will address concerns of teachers who may feel the need to file a grievance. Special counseling will be offered at nominal expense until the urge disappears.
Collaborators UNITE is expected to attract teachers who want to work closely with their administrators. Special departments will be set up covering nodding correctly to express interest while keeping eyes wide open.
Meeting Efficacy will be a mini school to assure that those who choose this option can handle attending meetings and professional development without blinking once.
Head for the Hills will be for the 83 percent of Teach for America teachers who plan to do their 2 years and head for the hills. Special units on writing a book about their experiences and how to become Ed policy wonks will be set up.

What happened to that guy who wrote this? Well, I was inspired enough today to try satire once again.

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