Sunday, February 23, 2014

How Do We Fight Bully Principals? Thursday, February 27, 5:00pm

Given all the discussion about how to take on bully principals like at the recently exposed "School of No" at PS 106 in the Rockaways, this workshop takes on increased importance. We'll be discussing situations with difficult principals as well as with more cooperative and mixed administrations.  ... MORE Chapter Organizing Committee
You can't do it alone. In a hostile atmosphere building allies within and outside the school community can give you weapons. The MORE Chapter Leader and delegate listserve is a valuable resource. But you also need to sit down with other people to brainstorm strategies and tactics, including the turncoats who support the principal.

I'm sorry I can't make this event as I have lots of ideas. I am hoping MORE begins to use this event as a springboard to find ways to provide a safe space for people in schools with abusive principals to take action.

The UFT not only does little, we hear way too many reports of the UFT actually backing principals with connections behind the scenes. Ask what the UFT in District 27, the Queens office and 52 Broadway did about PS 106 principal Marcella Sills for almost a decade. Since she became principal under Kathy Cashin and the UFT had an alliance with Cashin (ie, UFT charters given space by her).

Will MORE also take on the UFT's lack of support for chapter leaders under the gun in these schools? The buck can't stop at your own school organizing effort. A support group needs to meet regularly, not just at a once in a while training event. If you go to this push for this idea and don't just walk out learning what you need to know.

Overwhelmed by the challenges of organizing in your school?  Want to share ideas with other dedicated, creative chapter leaders and activists? 



Organize your chapter!

Overwhelmed by the challenges of organizing in your school?  Want to share ideas with other dedicated, creative chapter leaders and activists?

Come to a workshop on organizing your members to create a more active, involved union chapter.  Discuss organizing challenges with other chapter leaders and strategize creative solutions to build teacher and para power in your school!


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Thursday, February 27, 5:00pm
TWU Local 100 Offices 195 Montague St., 3rd Fl., Rm C

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Not Going It Alone said...

*First, document everything
*Second, file a harassment grievance to have it on record.
*Third, call and email OSI for the record. They might just substantiate over the phone.
*Fourth, if Step 1 grievance doesn't relieve anything, file a Step 2.
*Post your grievances on the school UFT bulletin board for all to see
*Fifth, Stand your ground, tape everything. and contact your DR.
*When the DR does nothing, go to 52 B'way and file a complaint with their lawyer
*Go directly to Condon's office and make more noise.
If stalking continues, call the local media
Make alot of noise and send out mass emails of your complaint to DOE and UFT.
Follow advice from Portelos situation...put everything on a blog.
Send blog to Norm and others.
You have nothing to lose at this point, so go for the jugular.
When all else fails, hire Brian Glass.
Principals need to understand you are not going to succumb to them.
Good Luck.