Saturday, February 15, 2014

Face to Face With Finland's Education System

So I've been going to rehearsals almost every night for the Rockaway Theatre Company Production of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". One of the young ladies who sings along with the men's chorus in the number "Brotherhood of Man" does a solo that will knock your socks off.

Recently I had an opportunity to chat with her. I overhead someone mention Finland and I asked her if she was of Finnish descent. "I'm from Finland," she said. Seeing she spoke perfect English - much better than me - I figured she came here as a little girl. "I'm only here 2 years she said. And she is probably in her mid twenties. I mentioned their education system is legendary and her ability to English so well is evidence.

What an eclectic and interesting cast. One of my fellow ensemble guys is from Pakistan. Many travel to get to this most out of the way theater imaginable for rehearsal night after night.

I've been part of the crew assisting the carpenter in building the set. Thursday we built the mailboxes. Friday we built the elevator and put up the windows over looking the Manhattan skyline which will be pained on the back wall. Every aspect of this who is on a professional level, mostly done by volunteers who put their lives into this theater. And is shows in the quality of the productions. A lot of people vie to get into these shows from all around the city. I'm waiting for a tap on my shoulder the next time I turn left instead of right but everyone is very encouraging.

Okay, I'm using today to post many of the drafts I began but haven't posted. So watch out for the onslaught.

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