Thursday, April 10, 2014

Astroturf on Steroids - Raging Horse Blog Exposes the Truth About "Higher Achievement NY"

Higher Achievement New York...yet another deceitfully created billionaire backed front group passing itself off as “grass roots ” and roping in just enough innocent faces to fool those who don’t know any better.... a public relations project disguised as an education advocacy group. 

As Higher Achievement New York is comprised of more established and experienced fronts such as the Gates Foundation’s Educators4Excellence and Mike Bloomberg’s Students First NY, one should expect an extraordinarily high level of obfuscation, distortion, and shill like behavior.

when King appeared in lower Manhattan the two fronts showed up in tandem and one heard silly testimonial after silly testimonial from one 24 year old “ex teacher” (currently employed by Students First New York) after another about how Common Core is just about the answer to just about every problem in the known universe, bizarre statements by E4E teachers of the almost supernatural power of the Common Core, and, most cynically, insinuations that rejection of the Common Core was merely disguised racism.

As a teacher in PS 149, one of the schools that Cuomo essentially gave to the charter school empire of Eva Moskowitz, the homage to the Tough Guy governor’s giveaway goes right to the gut.
I... found one of the families for excellent schools was none other than Walton family of Wal-Mart fame, not widely known for being particularly fond of people speaking for themselves. I looked further and found out that Families for Excellent Schools shares an address with the New York division of Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst.
Question: Weren’t front groups once generally regarded as sleazy, unethical and even sinister enterprises? If so, how and why did this change ? And what does this change say about how we have changed ?
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A Busy Day for Billionaire Backed Front Groups

April 10, 2014

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