Friday, April 11, 2014

Rally Against Cuomo/State Leg Charter Giveaway - photos

The abandonment of any sense of support for public schools and the caving to the charter lobby has been the equivalent of an ice bomb dropped on many people who have had faith in the political system (I am not one of those and what the state leg did is totally expected). Many of the protesters are promising revenge -- like running in primaries, etc. We'll see. I think it will take a series of massive protests on a continuing basis - thousands in the streets and maybe civil disobedience. That even those locations denied to Eva are forced down our throats by this law takes this to an extreme.
One of those locations is Murry Bergtraum in lower Manhattan -- a prime bit of real estate Eva wants very badly as a base for growth in lower Manhattan - this will give her 5 large buildings for future growth and pushouts of the public school.

There is a PEP meeting at the school in May -- that would be a time for a big rally.

Some more pix from yesterday.

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