Sunday, April 20, 2014

Join Change the Stakes Thursday, 4PM at Tweed - OK, Folks - It's Time to Take a Stand Against Testing

Please join us in NYC for a Rally to demand an end to high stakes testing.

Not One More Year Lost - Our Children Are More Than a Test Score!
We demand accountability at the top, not on the backs of our children!
Thursday, April 24th @ 4 PM (press conference to precede rally) New York City Department of Education, 52 Chambers Street in NYC

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- Change the Stakes responds to NYC's important change in student promotion policy. 
- The inspiring video of NYC parents on refusing state exams
- Three NYC Teachers of Conscience refuse to adminster state exams

Thanks for your support.  The next general meeting of Change the Stakes will be held on Friday, May 2nd @ 6PM.  Please visit the website for updates on location. 
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