Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Videos: Unity Caucus Bullies Jeer Protestors Opposed to Bill Gates at the AFT - Randi Eggs Them on - Chastised by Delegate

[Your actions] made me feel that Bill Gates was more important than our brothers and sisters.... delegate to Randi Weingarten, Seattle, 2010...

Given what happened at the NYSUT RA this past weekend with the Unity bullies in action, here are 3 videos I put together at the AFT Convention in Seattle in July 2010 showing that their behavior was not that unusual.

Video 1 - David Bellel and I recreated our version of the famous Apple lemming commercial take down of IBM. You can see the original here:

Apple 1984 Super Bowl Commercial Introducing Macintosh Computer (HD)

Here we replace IBM with Unity Caucus and the dissident is CORE from Chicago.


And here is the video I put together of the walk out and jeering from Unity Caucus with Randi grinning with glee. She was chastised by a delegate from California the next day -- that video below this one.


  1. I sent this to the AFT: Bill gates has no place speaking to a room of teachers. It is clear to me that he has bought the AFT, and all of you, from Randi on down, should hang your heads in shame. Randi's defense of Gates disgusts me. He is part of the corporate campaign attacking teachers. He knows nothing about teaching. Not only should he be booed, but he should also be tarred and feathered and locked in his ivory tower for all eternity. Where is the support for teachers across this country who are being vilified? When was the last time Randi took to the podium and demanded that administrators respect teachers? She was quick to defend Gates when he was booed but has done nothing for abused teachers. I support my abused brothers and sisters in my union. Too bad union leadership won't do the same. Shame on the UFT, AFT and NYSUT.
    Roseanne McCosh, UFT member

  2. 2010 AFT convention: the chickens give Colonel Sanders a standing ovation.


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