Saturday, April 12, 2014

Test, Charter Parent/Teacher Protest Roundup

Blown away! Boycotting Teachers from Chicago sent these flowers of solidarity to Colin, Emmy and myself!.. Jia Lee

Two of my students from last year just emailed me a video of themselves tearing up their ELA prep books... Lauren Cohen feeling proud
 Lots of coverage on the tests but not very much on Thursday's anti-charter Cuomo giveaway. Testing opponents reaching critical mass. Charter issue still resonating with only a few. It must grow into the thousands before it will have an impact. Leonie has a full report on her blog:

Pictures and words from our amazing rally yesterday; protesting Gov. Cuomo's forced charter takeover of our public schools - Yesterday, we held a terrific rally with hundreds of parents and kids, filling the steps of the NY Public Library, outraged at the onerous provisions in ...

Eva can hire spies and video crews to film every event but won't pay rent.

Thursday Rally, Leonie & Hired Harlem Success Spy

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