Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fred Smith, Ode to Loyalty

Ode to Loyalty

Loyalty is one of those words.
Like respect. It must be earned.
Else we are one with grazing herds.
Loyalty is a choice, I have learned.

Power rests easy when masses comply.
Conformity is the rule of the bosses' game.
Don't think too hard or notice the lie.
Their only reform is more of the same.

"Are you a team player?" they always ask.
To which you must give an unflinching "Yes!".
It means you'll follow any order, do any task.
Say "Depends on the goal." and they say "Next."

Truth is what we seek, feel and understand.
When did we lose the right to think and speak?
Loyalty to principles, yes. Not to command.
That's the highest oath we're bound to keep.


Lauren, I'll have what you're having

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