Monday, April 7, 2014

NYSUT Election Update: Julie Cavanagh Defeats Mulgrew Outside NYC With 52.3% of Vote

Michael Mulgrew and Julie Cavanagh replayed the 2013 UFT Election here at NYSUT for an at large Board of Directors seat.  Mulgrew garnered 197,081 weighted votes while Cavanagh received 93,830. 
Now take out the 111,525 NYC Unity votes (I think we can safely assume that no NYC Unity voter would vote against Mulgrew in an open ballot) and Mulgrew is left with 85,556. Cavanagh keeps her 93,830 . The percentages work out to 52.3% for Cavanagh and 47.7% for Mulgrew.
Outside of NYC, Julie Cavanagh defeated Michael Mulgrew!.... James Eterno, ICE blog
James' full report where he does some of the math at:


Of course James is doing some extrapolation here. But the results were remarkable for MORE, which was not on the Stronger Together slate - even with the big cities stacked for Revive, when it came to individual battles there's lots to mull over.

From what I hear, based on her appearance Saturday at the NYSUT RA (she didn't speak, ceding her time to Lauren Cohen and Mike Schirtzer) Julie is still a rock star -- MORE was originally approached by people in the state partly because of Julie's status -- but she has been very busy with Jack, who will officially hit the terrible Twos in July. (No one is waiting for summer more eagerly than Julie.)

Her name carried some serious weight and according to James' analysis got more votes than Mulgrew outside of the NYC Unity Caucus block.

For those who think the NYSUT rift will be healed soon, they are blowing smoke. Stronger Together did not disband and will be holding a meeting soon. What used to be a solid NY State Unity Caucus block at the AFT convention (July 11) will now be split into 2 camps - roughly a 60-40 split. Since the minority caucus pins much of this on Randi Weingarten/Mulgrew, if there is any serious opposition to Randi on national policy and even a serious candidate against her in the election, watch some fur fly.

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