Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Video - NYSUT Update: MORE's Lauren Cohen and Mike Schirtzer Rock the House

The video you have been waiting for. I'm so proud of our MORE next-generation union activists. Lauren and Mike are the new rock-stars. Lots of comments over at NYC Educator as to the level of Lauren's petiteness (UFT-Unity Caucus Demonstrates How It Handles Dissent) ....

I have never viewed Lauren as petite because from the day I met her I viewed her as a giant. When she was so desperate to get away from a beast of a principal she was ready to quit and go teach in Korea - but on her resume she put down she was an activist and test resister - "I don't want to work for a principal who wouldn't want someone like me." And she found such a principal in Liz Philips. To me that makes Lauren a giant.

As for Mike -- my adopted son will get a separate post.

Here is a summary MORE posted on you tube:

The NY United Teachers union is comprised of more than 1,200 local unions across NY State. This year the Movement of Rank-and-file Educators (MORE) ran six candidates for the Board of Directors. NYSUT Elections have been uncontested since 1979. The six candidates pooled their speaking time and were represented by Lauren Cohen and Mike Schirtzer. Behind them were James Eterno, Julie Cavanaugh, Francesco Portelos, Jia Lee from MORE and our union sister from Port Jefferson Teachers Association Beth Dimino.

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i just cried.....and so I am still.... thank you MORE