Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mulgrew Supported Common Core in 2013 Testomony on Regents Reform Agenda

Some of our newer MOREs who are not as familiar with the ed
deform loving Quislings in the UFT seemed surprised when the Delegate Assembly turned down the MORE resolutions on opt out and receivership schools. It can take a decade of seeing them wiffle and waffle before the light comes on.


-- UFT/AFT Always Deformers at Heart. They favor using standards even when they bludgeon teachers and students to death.

Here Puncy Mike lays it out.

MORE should put this quote in its election lit.
October 13, 2013:

Testimony of UFT President Michael Mulgrew before the New York State Senate Standing Committee on Education

Thank you very much, Chairman Flanagan and members of the committee. On behalf of the 200,000 members of the United Federation of Teachers, I appreciate this opportunity to address the issues surrounding the rollout of the Common Core Learning Standards.

The UFT together with educators from around the country embrace adopting more rigorous standards to better emphasize the critical thinking and depth of knowledge that many American students need to improve. Before these new Common Core standards were created, each state had its own set of educational standards, all of which differed in academic content.

The New York State Common Core Learning Standards were carefully crafted by experts to raise the bar and improve educational outcomes for students to ensure that they are college- and career-ready in our increasingly competitive world.


  1. Why aren't we talking about the inequity in schools and how teachers in low performing schools are unfairly rated due to no fault of their own?

  2. Incredible (well, not really) that our faux Tough Guy President's speech about Common Core could have been written by the Gates Foundation or John King, so dense was it with every reform cliche, buzz phrase and talking point.

    Come to think of it, it probably was written by the Gates Foundation.


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