Friday, March 11, 2016

UFT Elections: It's Mostly Over - For Me

I won't leave until the Viennese table tonite
Now that I've completed my main task for MORE - Petitionology - UFT Elections/#MORE2016 -my role will be like the Car Talk Chauffer - PickUP AnDropoff - which I did yesterday by picking up boxes of MORE/New Action leaflets at the printer and dropped off to get them out of my hands so I am not tempted to do too much more work over the next 2 months until the ballots are counted - though I expect to be there for the count because that is so much fun watching the retiree vote come in in droves.

You know I don't think much of UFT elections other than they are a chore that must be done.

I am not a fan of stuffing mailboxes in hundreds of schools because I think it basically doesn't get many votes. As you know I believe you get votes not in an election but between elections by organizing schools. To me the election is a temperature check of how well that work has been going. If MORE and New Action pull the same combined numbers as last time then there are lessons to be learned from the outcome -- if they want to continue to challenge Unity in an election forum they cannot win they must focus on expanding their school organizing. Otherwise follow my advice and don't run.

Until the election is over and we can analyze the outcome I can focus on my other interests, most of which involve other volunteer organizations like MORE is. I love working in volunteer orgs.
The Rockaway Theatre Company - I have a role in Follies opening in June- building the sets, etc. 

Robotics in FIRST LEGO League, gardening at my house and maybe helping out at Brooklyn Botanic Garden and maybe seeking new ventures like learning how to do some landscape painting.

Look at my upcoming schedule over the next week.

This morning I took a hot yoga class.
I came home and did some preliminary spring pruning and cleaning up in my garden.
I'm leaving soon for the Javits convention center to help set up for tomorrows 80 team FLL tournament. We will be there from 2-6 and then it is off to the Rockaway Theatre Company gala annual dinner at El Carib in Brooklyn with a cast of hundreds.
Tomorrow morning we're off at 6:30 AM to Javits where we will be working until 6PM.
Sunday is a day of rest, as is most of the rest of the week other than going to Book of Mormon curtesy of cousin Dan who is taking my wife and I to the show.
Saturday March 19 I am videotaping the NYCORE keynote at their conference which is expected to attract 1000 people and MORE is having a workshop.
Sunday night is dinner with the old 1970s crew of people.
Tuesday night is my writing group meeting.
Wed is the DA followed by the MORE happy hour - I look at the DA as a social event.

For me a light couple of weeks.

My theory is you have to be like a shark - keep moving to stay alive. And eating anything in sight, which tonight at the RTC dinner I will do to excess - I won't leave until the Viennese table no matter how early I have to get up tomorrow morning.


  1. I'm impressed with your dedication, Norm, but I am not convinced that Jia is strong enough for the huge burden. I am going for Mulgrew.

  2. And mulgrew has shouldered the burden so well. We need someone who will punch you in the face if you take his common core. Things are so great in the schools under mulgrew leadership why not more of the same?


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