Friday, September 18, 2009

Anna Got Her Gun

Gotham Schools' Anna Philips worked so hard to get a copy of the contract demands handed out at the DA on Weds. She was there for hours talking to so many teachers. Yet, no one would give. But soon after she left, with two of us left outside ready to go eat, Daily News reporter Rachel Monahan came by with a copy which was the basis of her article yesterday. I was with a member of the negotiating committee who wouldn't give Rachel an inch.

Now, I went outside when the discussions began because Unity hacks always love to blame me for leaks, so I knew nothing anyway.

Anna, who had to listen to at least 3 rants from me yesterday, was still working to get a copy but she finally got it and has posted it at Gotham. Read it and feast - on what's missing. Class size - remember that? Some semblance of order in the wild west of the open market system? Any takeback at all? Some people talk about the extended day in Gotham's comments. I'm not totally against a longer day, but how about some rationality that would make sense for kids and teachers? I would actually make it somewhat voluntary for teachers. There is substantial money involved and most would do it anyway. Some schools have really figured it out but in others things are a little weird.

And by the way, for those people twisted over teachers betraying the ridiculous cone of silence, it's time to put the cone on themselves. You might get the cone to work for 300 people, but for over a thousand? And I did hear Mulgrew say, "Of course we expect you to discuss this with your members" [not really]. Mike then suggested they put the cone over their schools.

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Anonymous said...

The UFT was handing the points out in the hallways to anyone who was sitting there - not checking if they were delegates or CLs.

There was never any intention yesterday of keeping the cone of silence past 6 p.m. This was a purposeful and well orchestrated leak.