Sunday, September 13, 2009

Three Events This Week

Monday Sept 14: First PEP (bogus NYC board of Ed) meeting at Tweed, 6pm. Sign up for speaking time at 5:30. There will be lots of people there for a number of reasons. CPE Coalition for Public Education) and some GEM people (handing out and possibly speaking) The Truth About Charters, people addressing social promotion since the new policy will be voted on and no-bid contracts. Ed Notes will be there to take some video.

Wed Sept 16: The UFT has changed the chapter leader meeting into a delegate assembly (these never take place in Sept) to discuss contract demands. That means they are getting close or going through the motions of getting an agreement between Randi and the mayor ratified. 4:15 at 52 Broadway.

Thurs. Sept 17: CEC dist 15 meets at The Patrick Daley School (PS 15) in Red Hook over the PAVE charter school attempt to extend its stay - they say they couldn't find other space but in reality always had their eyes on that building. They even lied about the number of students they have as a way to get more space. The DOE backs PAVE in every shenanigans they pull. We will be there to take some video.


  1. I am a new delegate. Is there anything I should or have to do to ensure I get in?



  2. You should receive a card but given the late change you may not. Your name should have been sent in by the CL so check at the main desk in the lobby of 52 Bwy and they will look up your school and give you a voting card. There is a visitors section in the far right hand corner facing the front where some opposition sit and Unity pumps in nerve gas under the seats.

    Look for me and whisper hello.


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