Monday, September 21, 2009

PAVE Founder and Director Spencer Robertson Responds

Spencer Robertson responds at the September 17 CEC 15 meeting at the Patrick Daly School. Chaor Jim Devor questions Robertson after he makes the surprise announcement that he is about to sign an agreement for his own space. PAVE supporters cheer as do the PS 15 people, one of the only parts of the evening they are on the same page. Devor asks where the space is and when the contract will be signed.

Robertson then goes on to disparage the PS 15 claim that PAVE is forcing them to cram service providers into hallways and closets and clusters have to travel door to door. Devor asks if it is OK for the CEC to tour PAVE. Robertson seems to agree. (I wonder if they'll have the kids chant, "Welcome to big Jim?)

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Red Hook charter paves way out of P.S. 15, but can’t say when

Videos to come: PS 15 teachers and parents and a discussion with a DOE official on how they allocate space.


Anonymous said...

You are a rock star Norm... keep the pressure on! Your selfless efforts at exposing the TRUTH are inspiring! Thank You! Can't wait to see footage of the Red Hook rally beforehand!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg and Klein caused all of this! What an awful mess! Let's vote them all out!