Friday, September 18, 2009

What Happened at PS 15?

Where do we start? There's so many angles on what happened I can't come up with one yet, so check back this afternoon.

I'm digitizing the tape now and will put some stuff up later.

Right now I have to head off to deal with robotics at a bunch of schools.

For now check out the report from CAPE as they clarify a few points about the CEC 15 meeting.

Tonight should be considered a triumph for democracy, for stakeholder voices, and an example of what advocacy is all about. A few main points, that may have been lost in the shuffle, intentionally or not, need to be clarified and addressed:

Read it all

And Maura Waltz' piece at Gotham Schools with many fiery comments:

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  1. Spencer Robertson, the founder of PAVE, is a fraud and a showman, the son of a billionare father, the loser of his family, and everything he says is a LIE. He is creating a voliltile situation in Red Hook by spewing falsehoods to parents telling them that PS 15 teachers are teaching their students to hate on PAVE kids and that they want to put their five year old babies in the street. He is a sick, sick man. The truth will come out... PAVE parents, I know your kids are always welcome at PS 15 and if you need to fight zoning, go to the office of enrollement, the school will give you the information of where to go.


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