Wednesday, September 30, 2009

National Parks are Just Big Guvment

I was outraged over the last few nights watching this national park program on TV to discover we have another big guvment boondoggle called The National Park Service. They even told how these liberal wonkies overrode the objections of the teabag predecessors a century ago who opposed this government takeover of our free space and stopped the possibility of turning it all over to private interests. Let freedom ring. Allow privatizers to turn the wasteful national park system in giant parking lots.

How a national park should look


  1. Sorry to point out a possible error, but I think the great Molly Ivins, in her rhapsodies about the Texas legislature, phoneticized the term as "gummint."

    After all, we wouldn't want Bloomberg, Klein, Duncan, Gates, Broad, TFA, etc., who care so deeply about accuracy and truthfulness, to have any nits to pick with us.

  2. Point well taken Michael. I'm pretty much ready to start gummint my food.

  3. The gummint is all screwed up. What we needs is to privatize evvvrree-ting.
    God darn it. If you wants tings to function proply we have to pay for it. Air. Waterrr. The god darn side walks we walk down should cost us some type a penny or two. No?


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