Monday, September 21, 2009

ATR Job Fair --Prospect Hall

Hi Norm,
The job fair in Brooklyn was the same JOKE as always. Most of them bad schools. I did not see one single schools from Staten Island. I wonder if the chapter leaders in these districts are reporting vacancies or are they in bed with the principals?
The UFT sent the usual people. We waited outside in the sun for 30 minutes and most of the teachers were black, Hispanic, Chinese, some old white teachers. They had cheese, crackers, fruit, coffee, juices for the principals, interviewers, and of course the UFT officials.
I was offered a job. I have to think about accepting this job or not because I have to switch licences. I will be on probation for 2 years. -- I was excessed under my Special Education licence.

I know of 2 openings in my district but I do not have any connections to get the job.

Another teacher writes
Today at school, the principal and the chapter leader went around to two teachers who are ATRs. In the middle of a lesson, they pressured them to go to the hiring hall. Later on I found out that, there were other ATR's in the building that were not pressured like this. The explanation was that the principal said he would get money in the budget for the ATR's not pressured to go to hiring hall today.

Read another account at New York City Eye:

Musings at the ATR fair / DunKleiRheeism warning


  1. It's good that the DoE organized the fairs. But it is a little incongruous after all the old is bad rhetoric, that they are now pushing to hire ATRs.
    DunKleiRheeism is sending our society in a vulgar direction, claiming that workers are obsolete once they reach 50.
    Check out my report on the Brooklyn fair at

  2. In the job fair there were just two principals from Dist. 20. What happened with the rest?

  3. WHAT IS NEXT FOR THE ATRS? Mulgrew let us know.

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  5. Thanks, Padmanaban, for your link to a job search site in INDIA. Nothing against India, but I am NOT willing to relocate.

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