Saturday, September 26, 2009

Commentary on Wash DC Rally

Candi Peterson reports on yesterday's DC rally with some TV coverage.

A few points:

Michelle Rhee hired 900 new people and then claimed she didn't realize there would be cuts. Sure.

Now she wants to lay off masses of teachers. Want to bet those 900 newbies are not the ones going?

Keep on eye on the racial component of the 900 newbies and the ones let go. Will these cuts reinforce the concept of the disappearing black educator in urban schools.

The AFT which is headquartered in DC ignored it. Teamsters, AFGE, cab drivers came out, but the AFT only sent a staffer to observe. Similar to the UFT sending observers to charter school rallies here in NYC. Anyone surprised?

WTU head George Parker opposed it. He even tried to undercut it with a night before robocall and email to members. Reminds you of Randi's undercutting the ATR rally with her wine and cheese party in November (See my video "A Tale of Two Rallies").

When GEM held a march and rally at Tweed in May, one school being invaded by a charter was going to come out en masse but got a call from a UFT rep discouraging them. As I always say, the AFT/UFT function as deflectors of militancy as a way to keep the membership under their thumb.

Here is a segment from Candi's report:
We also had participation from the American Federation of Government Employees, the Teamsters and the taxi cab drivers. Parents, community activists and students attended as well. All the reporters were out in full force and effect as well as an independent film maker while AFT representative Jody Easley lurked in the background the entire time acting as though he didn't want to be seen.

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that the AFT does not do anything to stop this big injustice. What is the big boss Randy thinking??