Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Washington Teacher: Are You Ready For Performance Based Excessing Of DC Teachers ?

A must read on my blog about the WTU contract proposal. I even have excerpts thanks to an informant. I hope you will read it and respond on my blog. Thanks,

Candi Peterson

Are You Ready For Performance Based Excessing Of DC Teachers ?

I have been anxiously awaiting the inside details of the status of our DC Teacher contract proposal as I am sure you have. On this past Saturday at the WTU Building Representative training at the AFT office- WTU president George Parker stated he still does not have a contract proposal to deliver to DC teachers despite his letter to union members that we were awaiting a feasibility study by the Rhee administration. So it seems according to Parker that now there are sticking points which in his words could lead to an impasse. I think we have heard this before and it is unclear what games Parker and Rhee are really playing. I thought the issue was determining whether there was the money to fund the most recent contract proposal. Now Parker states that it's more than that.

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