Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goldstein Tells a Tale of Two High Schools

At Gotham Schools' Community Center, Francis Lewis HS chapter leader Arthur Goldstein compares his school to underutilized Jamaica HS, whose chapter leader is James Eterno (ICE/TJC candidate to run against Mulgrew for UFT president). James has done some amazing work at Jamaica as chapter leader in trying to defend the school from the DOE onslaught. He organized a large group of parents and teachers to a PEP meeting that certainly made a point.

But Jamaica is prime meat to be squeezed out of existence to make way for small schools and charter schools in central Queens. So don't expect anything rational. This is all about political ideology, not education. When Francis Lewis tops 10,000 students and are running 'till 1AM they will also declare Francis Lewis an impact school and start steering students to the 10 small schools at Jamaica. But not the ELA and special ed students as these schools will not have the resources to handle them.

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  1. If it was not for James Eterno, Jamaica HS would have been shut down two years ago.


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