Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PS 15 Makes Their Case

The Patrick Daly School (PS 15) in Red Hook struggles against the attempt of PAVE charter school to extend its stay for years after promising to leave after 2 years.

The PS 15 community rallied at the CEC District 15 meeting last Thursday (Sept. 17), as did PAVE parents and staff. Which made for a fascinating meeting, with lots of cross talk, sometimes heated, between parents and teachers on each side. If I was a documentary filmmaker I would have focused on these person to person discussions. But I was there to get the speakers.

Here is a history of the conflict and a summary of the PS 15 position on DOE footprints and allocation of space plus many other issues. See our other videos of the meeting in previous posts or search norscot2 at You Tube. (Excuse the fuzziness. The tape came out ok but somehow it loses something in the exporting process, which has never happened before. Must be gremlins in the computer.)

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  1. Stated well. We need more people to tell their stories and give their perspectives as to the negative impact this administration's policies are having on education, particularly community public schools.


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