Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today, September 17, Thurs March/Rally to support the community's Patrick Daly School (PS 15) Against the PAVE Chater School Invasion

Billionaire scion Spencer Robertson must have used the refrain so many billionaire fathers well connected to the Bloomberg machine have heard: Daddy, will you buy me a charter school?
  • Favoritism shown toward PAVE by the DOE.
  • PS 15 has been forced to shove most of its programs into small spaces.
  • The continuous arrogance and threatening behavior of PAVE administrators.
  • PAVE kids are made to chant repeatedly: THIS IS OUR SCHOOL
  • PAVE admins were outraged when PS 15 did their annual moment of silence for 9/11 and came into the main office loudly complaining and refused to observe the moment.
  • 50% of the PAVE kids are bussed in (free) from outside Red Hook, so PAVE doesn't even serve the Red Hook community.
Hear lots more tonight.

PS 15
Sullivan & Richards Street
("F" Train to Smith-9th Av Station then walk - google it for map)

March together to the:

CEC Meeting at 6:45
PS 15 - 71 Sullivan Street
District 15, Red Hook, Brooklyn

Session will address the PAVE Charter extension request.
DOE & PAVE's administrator will speak.

At start of meeting, Sign up to speak out!
PAVE Charter seek to remain in PS 15 past this June, against the
agreement made to our community!

  • This is bad for our school and bad for our kids!
  • Fight to protect and preserve public education.
  • We will not allow our schools to be privatized!

Ed Notes News will be there to tape.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Norm and our GEM brothers and sisters for your support and for bringing a larger voice and audience to the assult on public schools.

We must all continue to demand transparency, accountability and due process!