Thursday, December 9, 2010

Calls from Parent Activists to Shut Down Ross Global Charter School - Sign the Petition

CEC One Parent Leader Lisa Donlan:
It is sad to hear all these Ross Global Charter School parents say they love their school and want to keep it open, even though the school has off the charts leadership (7 principals in 5 years) and teacher instability, student attrition (over 20%/year self reported) and was ranked 1,140 out 1,140 NYC public schools per the progress reports.

The entire premise of charter school is they have 5 years to get it right or they must be closed down.

RGA has NOT outperformed schools in their peer group/with similar demographics, and in 5 years has not been able to overcome systemic management and pedagogical issues.

How ironic would it be if a lousy charter school were to have its charter renewed while the DoE is trying to close down 25 of its own schools- several of which are new small schools?

And for the record-

District One offers all students/parents plenty of educational choices.
Our district is all choice- no zoned schools.
District One has two elementary schools ( one a K -8th ) that offer Mandarin.
District One has always offered small class size- even though it is getting harder and harder to maintain them, with the budget cuts these days.
District One schools offer the type of enrichment and support families are looking for.
District One is full of small collaborative learning communities.

And District One schools will open their doors to these kids and families, welcoming them into our school community.

NY Charter Parent Association Leader Mona Davids:
RGA is outraged that DoE had them participate in the hearing when they'd already decided to shut it down.  Amazing how they forgot Courtney Ross' robo-call where DoE and Courtney were colluding on not allowing the public to speak.

What a joke of a charter school.  NYCPA says SHUT IT DOWN!!   SHUT IT DOWN!!   SHUT IT DOWN!!

Please sign NYCPA's petition demanding this failing, bad, charter school be shut down at:

Here's the latest RGA lying email to their parents [Ed Note - I will spare you the pain].  If they cared about parents and students, they wouldn't have had the extremely high student attrition rates and teacher turnover.  AND, Courtney Ross wouldn't have told parents if you don't like how we run RGA, get out.

DOE is not taking away their right to choose a "Ross Education".  DOE is finally cleaning up it's act and doing it's job as an authorizer.

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  1. You say that RGA has not outperformed schools in their peer groups with similar demographics- but according to the numbers from the Department of Education itself, RGA DID outperform both the District 1 schools and NYC schools in 2007, 2008, and 2009. But why let a little thing like the FACTS ruin your vendetta- oops- campaign to close RGA?


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